Got biltong? Ditch the platter with these 7 delectable ideas

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Got biltong? Ditch the platter with these 7 delectable ideas

From some fresh ways to snack to infusing that smokey biltong flavour into a whole (and wholesome) meal, it’s all here.


7 Delectable ideas with biltong

There’s more than one way to enjoy your favourite SA snack and we’ve rounded up the best of them. Now, you can have your biltong and eat it… 7 different ways.

1. Take a biltong-and-bacon dip

We’re talking cream cheese. We’re talking biltong powder. We’re talking Dijon mustard and crispy bacon. We’ve stopped talking, now, because we’re a parmesan breadstick-deep into this dip.

Biltong and bacon dip with Parmesan breadsticks recipe

Find the biltong-and-bacon dip recipe, here.

2. Popcorn with butter or biltong? Both!

Get fancy with your microwave popcorn by adding grated peanut brittle, a generous sprinkle of biltong powder, and tossing it with butter until everything is coated and ready to be devoured.

Find the buttered, biltong popcorn recipe, here.

3. Nachos with a local biltong twist

There’s nothing standard about these nachos. We’ve added vine tomatoes, Angus sliced biltong plus all the Cheddar cheese. Serve with dollops of crème fraîche or cream cheese, fresh coriander and lime wedges. Yum!


Find the biltong nachos recipe, here.

4. Biltong for breakfast

Yes, we can have biltong at any time of the day. This sophisticated boiled egg and almond french toast combo just got a biltong update and we’re wide awake and ready to have it.

boiled egg recipes

Find the almond french toast, boiled eggs and biltong powder recipe, here.

5. Cheesy biltong ciabatta

Honestly, this one sells itself. Just add butter, mozzarella and sliced springbok biltong to Woolworths’ mozzarella-and-thyme ciabatta and heat in the oven until golden.


Find the cheesy biltong ciabatta with biltong soup recipe, here. 

6. Deep-fried biltong dumplings

Panko-crumbed, biltong-flavoured balls of dough deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. Dip in soetmosterd dressing and indulge.

Biltong vleiskluitjies with soetmosterd dressing recipe

Find the biltong ‘vleiskluitjies’ recipe, here.

7. Biltong, Parmesan and butter popcorn

We like popcorn, okay? Toss 50 g finely grated Parmesan with a warm bag of butter-flavoured microwave popcorn and 50 g original free-range game biltong sprinkle. Add a sprinkle of paprika or chilli flakes if you like a good kick.

Shop biltong at Woolworths, now.

venison-biltong venison-biltong venison-biltong venison-biltong


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