The great glassware debate

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The great glassware debate

The bubbles in a bottle of champers are crucial to the taste as they release carbon dioxide, which activates your mouth’s sensory receptors. Which is why there’s a longstanding debate about which glass is best to save all that fizz…



It’s the oldest-style Champagne glass and is shallow and wide, so the CO2 rises and dissipates quickly. You’ll have to drink fast (no probs)! But you’ll look très chic holding it and it’s perfect for Champagne cocktails.



The smaller surface area slows down the loss of CO2 and the tall, slender shape shows off all those vertical streams of tiny bubbles. Your bubbly will stay colder for longer in this glass but the narrow shape can send the bubbles right up your nose.



Similar to a flute but with greater bowl space, which narrows slightly towards the aperture. Like a flute, a tulip will save the bubbles, but the wider aperture means they will end up hitting all the right places on your tongue, rather than ending up in your nose.

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