The great gluten-free bake off

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The great gluten-free bake off

This is the sweet truth: you don’t need white flour to make your favourite cakes and desserts. Try these better-for-you bakes that combine nuts, grains and seeds, and swap some of that sugar for dark chocolate, coconut oil and fruit.


As an alternative to white flour, polenta adds a depth of flavour and results in moist, dense cakes with a satisfying texture.

Dates and dried fruit are the perfect substitute for refined sugar, adding natural sweetness (and texture) to bake treats.)

Coconut oil works well in recipes that call for melted or soft butter. It also adds sweetness if you’re not a fan of artificial sweeteners and want to use less.

A note on oats. Are oats gluten-free? Technically, yes, but they can become cross-contaiminated when processed in factories that process wheat, rye, barlet, couscous, semolina and other grains that contain gluten/ Gluten-free out suppliers work only with oats and label their products accordingly. If you’re intolerant, it would be best to consult a medical professional before including oats in a gluten-free diet.

Like what you see? Try these gluten-free brownies ASAP. You won’t regret it.

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