• Treat yourself occasionally

    Most diets fail when adhered to too strictly. Likewise, most budgets! Plan some small and affordable treats to keep your brain happy, like melkkos, pancakes and oil cakes.

  • Embrace your inner peasant

    Some of our favourite dishes were originally peasant food. Minestrone, ratatouille, panzanella, frittatas and ramen use minimal meat and scraps like stale bread or bones.

  • How to regrow vegetables from scraps

    Regrow your own

    Grow your own veggies from scraps. Avos, spring onions and celery all regrow with little effort. Prop them up in water, wait for roots to sprout and replant in soil.

  • Cook seasonally

    In-season produce is at its peak quality and cheaper. Ever wonder why avocados cost a fortune at some times of the year? Because they’re out of season. Bide your time.

  • Lentil and butternut cottage pie

    Big-batch energy

    Double up on oven time (to save electricity) and reduce food waste by doubling your recipe. Bonus: You’ll eat out less if there’s something waiting in the freezer.

  • Easy curry traybake

    Buy in bulk

    If you see things packed together in bulk – buy them. It means spending a bit more money up front, but chances are that the individual item is going to be that much cheaper.

  • Lamb sausage bolognese

    Bulk it up

    Meat is a luxury, but you can make that meaty flavour go further by adding meaty textures of mushrooms, brinjals or beans.

  • Substitute!

    Most recipes can be tweaked slightly and you don’t have to use the exact thing for it to taste good. Swapping Parmesan for hard cheese or ham for charcuterie works just fine.

  • Roast tomato soup

    Reduce food waste

    The freezer really is your best friend! Save cheese, bread, herbs, and veggie scraps for future soups, breadcrumbs or baked cheesy dishes.