3 ways with home-made sweet potato röstis

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3 ways with home-made sweet potato röstis

How do we love the rösti? Let us count the ways. We love them so much we’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And if said rösti is made with Woolworths’ delicious Kara sweet potatoes? Even better!


The basic rösti recipe:

Combine 800g of grated Kara sweet potato with 2 free-range eggs and 2 tablespoons flour. Season to taste and mix well.
Add melted butter to a pan and scoop the sweet potato mixture into the pan, patting flat to form the rösti. Fry over medium heat in the pan until the bottom loosens, then finish cooking in the oven.

Cook’s note: you could make a big one-pan rösti or mini röstis with this recipe. The choice is yours. We recommend starting with smaller röstis until you get the hang of the flip!

For larger röstis, use a plate to help with the flip: put a plate upside down on top of the rösti in the pan. Flip the pan over so that the rösti comes out of the pan into the plate. Slide the rosti back into the pan top crisp up the underside.

Serve with your favourite toppings:

Add poached eggs, sliced ripe avocado, fresh basil pesto, a squeeze of lime juice and chopped chives.

Serve with a scoop of crème fraîche, smoked trout, sliced cucumber, thin shavings of red onion, fresh lime, caperberries and dill.

Enjoy your mini röstis with a scoop of hummus, roasted tomatoes on the vine, fried chorizo and roasted cauliflower blossoms on the side.

Shop the range of Kara sweet potatoes at Woolworths now.

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