Hooked on flavour with Woolies salmon & prawns

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Hooked on flavour with Woolies salmon & prawns

Bring some heat to the party this winter with a fragrant bowl of seafood broth, filled to the brim with delicious bites of salmon and prawn. It’s a great way to spice up your (dinner) life.


Turn up the heat this winter with a warming bowl of seafood broth. Woolworths’ Norwegian salmon poached in soya, ginger and lime, or lemon and pink peppercorns, are the perfect additions. They’re both ready to eat and brimming with fresh flavour. Peeled and deveined prawns couldn’t be easier to use, simply add to the broth and heat through. Add some fresh, crunchy vegetables, exotic mushrooms and noodles, and you’ve got a bowl full of flavour.

Serving suggestion: Bring 2 cups fresh vegetable or chicken stock, 1 T soya sauce, a few slices ginger, 2 sliced cloves garlic and 1 whole chilli to a boil. Blanch 50 g pak choy and 50 g asparagus spears in the stock. Cook Woolworths medium Asian wholewheat noodles according to package instructions and place in a bowl.

Pour over the stock, add the vegetables and flake over Woolworths salmon poached in soya, ginger and lime. Top with peeled and cooked prawns, exotic mushrooms fried in sesame oil, sliced radish, fresh coriander, pickled ginger, sesame seeds and a squeeze of lime juice.

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