How sea salt takes 2 classic recipes to the next level

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How sea salt takes 2 classic recipes to the next level

From salt-crusted porchetta to salt-sprinkled chocolate chip cookies, Maldon salt lends next-level flavour to your favourite dishes.

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Seasoning your food is vital. Salt helps bring out the flavours of a slow-cooked stew, makes caramel even more addictive, and even elevates cocktails. Since it’s probably your most used ingredient, imagine what good-quality salt can do for your favourite food? We’ve used Maldon sea salt flakes, which are made using traditional methods and time-honoured techniques passed down over four generations, to make the most impressive pork belly roast and chocolate-chip cookies that will definitely cheer up any day. Pinch, crush or crumble this salt, to take your favourite meals (and desserts) to the next level. This is flavour at your fingertips.


Porchetta is a classic Italian rolled pork dish that’s slow-roasted to make a crispy, salty, crackling enveloping moist, succulent pork with a swirl of garlic-and-herb paste in the centre. For a roast this impressive, you’ll need the perfect salt.

Get the recipe for porchetta here.

Salted chocolate-chip cookies

Stop scrolling and make these cookies! They’re seriously addictive and easy to make (there’s no shame in using a box mix). Add a pinch of Maldon sea salt flakes to help enhance the bittersweet dark chocolate flavour. Trust us, you’ll never want to have an unsalted choc-chip cookie again!

Get the recipe for salted chocolate-chip cookies here.

For 140 years, Maldon sea salt flakes have been handcrafted in small batches using traditional artisanal methods. The pyramid-shaped, soft, crunchy sea salt flakes contain the perfect balance of natural minerals with a fresh intensity and clean taste, making them the ultimate flavour enhancer.

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