How to make the most of a can of tuna

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How to make the most of a can of tuna

We bet you have a can of tuna in your cupboard. Don’t settle for the obvious tuna mayo sandwich, make fried tuna bites instead. These tuna bites can take you from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. Read below for our savvy hack.

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Did you know that 2 May is World Tuna Day? The day aims to address the decline in tuna stocks resulting from overfishing in the world’s oceans, an issue that Woolworths is committed to tackling through its Fishing for the Future initiative. Woolworths’ tuna is caught by hook and line one at a time while supporting communities, and protecting our oceans and future tuna stocks.

You’d be surprised, but one can of tuna can take you from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. A few additions like mashed potatoes and fresh herbs you can make fried tuna bites that you can stuff inside pitas, serve with eggs, and use to make a filling rice bowl.

1. Chilli-fried eggs with tuna-and-sweet potato bites

Make a protein-packed breakfast by serving fried tuna bites with crispy chilli-fried eggs, creme fraiche, and toasted baguette. if you make the bites ahead, you’ll have a filling breakfast in a flash.

Get the recipe for chilli-fried eggs with tuna-and-sweet potato bites here. 

2. Tuna-and-sweet potato bites in pitas with tzatziki

There’s no need to wonder what’s for lunch. Stuff pitas with the tuna bites and a generous amount of creamy tzatziki. You can opt for a large pita if you’re making lunch for two, or use mini pitas if you’re hosting.

Get the recipe for tuna-and-sweet potato bites in pitas with tzatziki here. 

3. Asian-inspired rice bowls

A 15-minute dinner is always a winner in our books. Add tuna bites to a bowl of steamed rice with shelled edamame beans, pickled onions, shredded carrots and serve with soya sauce to complete the meal. This is a recipe to keep on hand when you’re not in the mood or don’t have time to cook.

Get the recipe for Asian-inspired rice bowls here. 

Woolworths also offers shredded tuna in on-the-go 85 g pouches and jars of Albacore tuna fillets in olive oil. Assemble an impressive platter of fish cakes, tuna crostini, and tuna paté.

Find the recipes for 3 ways with canned tuna here.

Photography: Jan Ras 
Videography: Romy Wilson
Recipes and production: Hannah Lewry and Brita du Plessis
Food assistants: Claire van Rooyen, Lerato Motau, and Josh van Zyl

The Woolies “tunaverse” is full of options and possibilities. Find everyday staples like canned shredded tuna or tuna chunks in brine or oil or explore the rest of the range. For on-the-go snacking and light meals, choose the 85g tuna pouches in flavours including Mexican salsa, tomato and herb, and black pepper-and-lime dressing. The albacore tuna fillets are fantastic in pasta dishes or elevated salads. Woolworths’ canned, jarred and pouched tuna is 100% traceable and responsibly caught in South Africa, the USA and New Zealand as part of the Fishing for the Future initiative, which aims to support coastal communities and protect our oceans and future stocks of tuna.

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