How to pack a deliciously easy lunchbox

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How to pack a deliciously easy lunchbox

Whether you’re having lunch at your desk – or packing lunch for the tots when the schools reopen – there’s something to be said for a well thought-out lunchbox. And it’s almost too easy with the delicious range of snacking cheese available at Woolies.


Here are some of our favourite lunchbox options at the moment:

1. The cheese & chicken mayo lunchbox: Start with a smooth flavoured yoghurt, then add a chicken mayo sarmie, fresh fruit and – for a hit for creaminess – Laughing Cow full-fat cheese spread.

2. The fresh fruit & veg lunchbox: Start with a beetroot-flavoured wrap, then add baby carrots, Laughing Cow Belcube cheese spread, plain rice cakes, watermelon and Laughing Cow cheddar-flavoured dip ’n crunch. Add a bottle of water (hydration is important!) and off you go.

3. Cheese-and-ham sarmie box: Start with some cute Mini Babybel full-fat semi-soft cheeses, then add slices of wholewheat bread, sandwich ham, baby cucumbers, berries, hummus for dipping, rosa tomatoes, Laughing Cow full-fat cheese spread, dried fruit like mango, and finally, some squares of Kiri medium-fat cream cheese. (This is the supersize lunchbox that might be enough for two kids even!

The combinations are endless, and so delicious. Feeling inspired? Shop the range of snacking and kids cheese at Woolworths here. 

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