You say cheese, we say wine: our cheese and wine pairing suggestions

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You say cheese, we say wine: our cheese and wine pairing suggestions

Grasping the fundamentals of good flavour combos and picking the best wine to accompany your favourite French cheese is really quite easy.


Flavours range from tangy to mild, matching well with crisp, fruity, light-bodied wines with citrusy or tropical flavours. Avoid wines that are high in tannins.

The cheese: Brie, Camembert, chèvre (goat’s cheese), Brillat-Savarin, crottin.

The wine: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Champagne.

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Firm in texture and strong in flavour, these cheeses need medium-bodied, well-balanced wines. Try sparkling whites, apéritif whites and fruity reds.

The cheese: Cantal, Comté and French Emmenthal.

The wine: Chardonnay, white Burgundy, white Bordeaux, Champagne, red Burgundy, Pinot Noir.

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Bold, full-flavoured cheeses with prominent salty and savoury flavours like these need bold, slightly sweet wines to match.

The cheese: Roquefort and Cambozola.

The wine: White Burgundy or Bordeaux, Viognier, white Rhône blends, Zinfandel, red Port.

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Nutty, salty flavours are complemented by full-bodied whites, tannic reds and sweet Ports.

The cheese: Aged Cantal, tomme de Savoie, French raclette.

The wine: Aged white Burgundy or Bordeaux, Riesling, Champagne, red Burgundy, red Port.

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