How to save your gravy

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How to save your gravy

We’ve all made a mess of the gravy at one time or another. If yours is looking like dishwater, don’t panic, it can be salvaged. Here’s how.

Is a roast even a roast without a great gravy? Making gravy is not as difficult as your mom made it out to be. If your gravy isn’t looking up to scratch, fret not: We’ve broken down how to save your gravy, depending on your time frame.

The secret to good gravy lies in building flavour – so get roasting! Pro tip: always add hot – not cold – water to the pan juices after you’ve added the flour, and you’re one step closer to a great gravy.

How to save your gravy

If you have 1 hour: Simmer gently over a moderate heat, which will concentrate the flavour.

If you have 30 minutes: Brown another roux and whisk your too-thin gravy into that. About 1 T each butter and flour will thicken 1 cup stock.

If you have 10 minutes: Work 2 T room-temperature butter into an equal volume of flour until it forms a smooth paste. Whisk into the gravy a little at a time, letting the gravy boil gently between additions, until thickened.

If you have 1 minute: Mix 1 T each corn flour and water to form a smooth liquid. Whisk into the gravy and boil a few seconds to activate the starch. Repeat as required.

how to save your gravy

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