How to use up peak-season tomatoes

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How to use up peak-season tomatoes

Did you get a little too excited at the sight of all those fresh tomatoes? We don’t blame you and we’ve certainly been here. Here are our top tips for using up fresh tomatoes before they’re overripe.

At this time of year, there’s nothing better than a peak-season tomato. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours and, literally, bursting with flavour, it’s no surprise that you might have picked up a few too many. If you’ve eaten all the Caprese salads, BLTs and bruschettas you can, here are some other ways to use up those tomatoes.


Tomato season means summer and gazpacho is a great way to use up tomatoes while keeping cool. If you’re having any friends over for dinner, consider serving the chilled soup as a starter (or even as a main, along with crusty bread). This recipe also uses nectarines, but you could easily omit them and add even more tomatoes.
tomato gazpachoGet the recipe for nectarine-and-tomato gazpacho here.


Confit is the ultimate way to preserve anything – including tomatoes. Once cooked, you can store them in jars in the fridge, ready to spoon over crispy bread, eggs and pasta. Or, give to friends as delicious home-made gifts.How to confitGet the recipe for confit tomatoes in garlic-and-anchovy oil here.

Make the mother of all tomato salads

If you’re serious about using up your tomatoes in one fell swoop, this salad is the one for you. If you can’t face adding another seasonal fruit, leave the peaches out or add more tomatoes. Similarly, use any tomatoes you’ve got for the dressing, even if they aren’t yellow.
Get the recipe for tomato-and-peach salad with yellow tomato vinaigrette here.

Make a large batch of tomato sauce

This might seem obvious, but it bears repeating. While you can’t simply chuck your tomatoes into the freezer, you can freeze a large batch of tomato sauce. Follow the instructions for this roast tomato sauce, then, once cool, place in plastic containers and pop into the freezer. Use for pasta as below, or home-made pizzas and shakshuka.

tomato pastaGet the recipe for roasted tomato pasta salad here.

Sundried tomatoes

If you’re a fan of sundried tomatoes, then this is the perfect opportunity to stock up without needing to leave the house.
Get the recipe for homemade sundried tomatoes here.

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