How to get rid of various food stains

How to get rid of various food stains

We’ve all been there: you forget to put on an apron, you’re having a dance-off in the kitchen while cooking, or you’re simply too engrossed in the dinner table conversation to notice that that scoop of spag bol has slid off your fork and onto your pants. What to do? We’ve got some tips to get rid of the most common food stains.


The curry stain:

The big offender in curry is also one of our favourite ingredients: dried turmeric. Yep, that lovely vibrant yellow colour comes at a cost. The best way to treat a curry stain? Treat it immediately! Soak up the excess liquid with a sponge or cloth. Then soak the item of clothing in cold water mixed with liquid laundry detergent (not hot water, apparently this will cause the stain to set!) Thereafter, wash as per normal. A bit of natural bleaching in the sun afterwards won’t hurt …

The tomato-based sauce stain:

The interwebs is, somewhat surprisingly, in agreement on this: the best way to get rid of tomato-based stains is to get to work on the garment with dishwashing liquid immediately. Use warm water and, if you want to be doubly sure, add a dash of white vinegar to the suds and get rub-a-dub-rubbing.

The (shudder) red wine stain:

In truth, this is not the fiasco we have been led to believe. It’s not great when it happens, but it’s entirely possibly to remove the stain. The key here is: quick action. The longer you leave the stain, the more it will set. If you’re in a restaurant where you don’t have the option of removing your shirt (people frown on that sort of thing), apply the old salt trick, and do so liberally – the idea is for the salt to soak up the liquid. A splash of white wine will also help. If you’re at home, remove the piece of clothing immediately. Blot the wine stain, cover with white vinegar, then apply liquid detergent and launder in hot water.

These are some of our go-to tips – but of course there are a wide variety of scientifically formulated cleaning products that have been designed to solve these nigglies for you.

This includes OMO, Skip and Sunlight products, which now embody the same premium, modern look, combined with trusted formulations to meet any laundry need.


OMO: Effortless cleaning

With its stain-busting cleaning power, OMO liquid laundry detergent has become a household staple in South Africa. Get the best out of every wash, with guaranteed results, even in a quick wash or at cooler temperatures. OMO Auto washing Liquid removes tough stains faster than a regular auto washing powder, saving you time and money. It has been specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothes to remove even the toughest stain.




SKIP: Special fabric care

This is ideal for keeping your clothes look new for longer. The idea is to increase your repertoire of special care solutions to take perfect care of your loved items and ultimately make them look like new for longer. Skip Liquid Detergent with Fibre Care TechnologyTM penetrates deep into the fabric, so it cleans in a better and new way, smoothing and aligning fibres so stains and dirt wash away more easily, giving clothes better clean, good shape and better colour.




SUNLIGHT: A sensory experience

If you’re looking for a liquid detergent that will do its job well AND leave your clothes with a lovely fresh fragrance, Sunlight is the answer. Sunlight gives you more than you expect, with a fresh fragrance and sensorial experience.

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