How to truss a chicken

How to truss a chicken

Why faff around trussing a chicken, we hear you ask. For more reasons than you think.

Why should you know how to truss a chicken? It’s not just to keep the stuffing in. The legs stay close to the body, and the ends of the drumsticks cover the top of the breast, making for crispier wings and more succulent white meat. See?

Once you’ve trussed your chicken, use this nifty flavour injector (essentially a giant needle and syringe) to pump up the flavour. Mix up your favourite marinade and pretend you’re on Grey’s Anatomy.

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How to truss a chicken:


    1. Remove any giblets from inside the chicken, rinse inside and out and pat dry using kitchen paper. Place the chicken on a chopping board, breast side up, with the legs pointing towards you.

      Step 1

    2. Cross the legs and tie them together with kitchen string. Loop the string around the crossed legs and tie it as tightly as possible, so the legs are snug against the chicken’s breast.

      Step 2

    3. Cut off the excess length of string after you’ve made the knot to prevent the string from burning during cooking

      Step 3

    4. Place the chicken into the roasting pan and tuck the wings behind the neck area.

      Step 4

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