ICYMI: Citrus is in season

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ICYMI: Citrus is in season

We’re buying, cooking and eating with citrus right now and you should be, too. This is your in-season guide to this incredibly versatile fruit.

It’s understood that citrus is jam-packed with vitamin C, but it’s also abundant in potassium, folate, calcium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium and a variety of phytochemicals. It’s also good to know that citrus contains no fat, sodium or cholesterol and that the average energy value is also considered low.

Did you know that mandarins are considered a traditional symbol of abundance and good fortune in some Asian cultures?

Lemons, mandarins, oranges, minneolas, limes and grapefruit are in season right now. They can be used fresh, zested, juiced or roasted.

When buying citrus, keep this in mind:
Make sure that the fruit is free of bruises or mould. Purchase fruit that is firm and without cracks. Some say that fruit that is heavy for its size contains more juice.

How should you store citrus?
Store it in a pretty bowl on the counter. Whole citrus fruit does not have to be refrigerated, but will last longer period if it is.


Make mandarin icing

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Roast oranges with duck

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Make marmalade out of minneolas

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When life hands you lemons, make lemon curd

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Use lime juice to cure trout

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Use grapefruit in a marinade

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Discover more sweet and savoury ways with citrus here.

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