ICYMI: Tenderstem broccoli is in season

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ICYMI: Tenderstem broccoli is in season

We’re buying, eating and cooking with Tenderstem broccoli right now and you should be, too. Here’s your in-season guide.


It’s called Tenderstem because, well, the stem is tender (like asparagus) and is believed to be high in vitamins A and C and a good source of potassium,, iron, vitamin B6 and calcium.

Did you know that Tenderstem broccoli, also known as broccolini, is not baby broccoli! Rather, it’s a hybrid of Chinese broccoli (or Chinese kale) and regular short-stemmed broccoli. It was first cultivated in Japan in the early 90s.

When buying Tenderstem broccoli, keep the following in mind:

Look for bright green heads and strong, firm stems. Avoid broccoli with brown spots on it, as it won’t have the best texture or flavour when cooked. You could still use it in stock or soups, though.

How to store Tenderstem broccoi?
Fresh Tenderstem broccoli should be kept dry, preferably in an airtight container, and stored in the fridge. It should keep for up to 5 days.

How to cook Tenderstem broccoli?
Tenderstem broccoli needs minimal cooking! Eat it raw after rinsing (or dunked in a Tenderstem dip – see the video below) or blanch, steam, pan-fry, stir-fried, bake or roast. Don’t cook Tenderstem for as long as you would normal broccoli. You want to preserve the crunch!

Smash it

Use raw Tenderstem broccoli in an easy pesto:

Blanch it

Blanch Tenderstem in boiling water for a few seconds and refresh in cold water.

Try blanched Tenderstem in Chinese-poached chicken in aromatics or add it to this roast garlic and beetroot salad.

Pan-fry it

Mix roughly chopped Tenderstem broccoli and garlic, pan-fry for for 10 minutes and gently mash with a fork. Toss through al dente fettuccine and top with grated pecorino. Sounds good, right?

Find the full broccoli-and-pecorino fettuccine recipe here.

Alternatively, pan fry your Tenderstem and serve with a chilli dipping sauce and cashew brittle.

Bake it

Throw together an oven tray bake with Tenderstem broccoli, tomatoes, ricotta and pasta. An easy weeknight solution.

Get the full Tenderstem Broccoli-and-ricotta pasta bake recipe here.

Discover more recipes using Tenderstem broccoli here.

What’s not to love about crisp and crunchy Tenderstem broccoli? It’s versatile, easy to cook and sweet and tender from floret to stem. It’s exclusive to Woolies and suits a variety of cooking methods, from blanching, steaming and boiling, to stir-frying, sautéing and even charring. If convenience is top of your list, microwaving is also an option. Once cooked and cooled, it adds vibrancy and texture to almost any dish.

Shop for Woolworths Tenderstem broccoli here.

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