Impress your guests with a festive cheeseboard

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Impress your guests with a festive cheeseboard

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cheeses – trust us when we say they deserve pride of place on your cheeseboard.


Here’s what your December entertaining plans need: cheese, and lots of it. There’s no end to Woolies’ exclusive speciality cheese range. Here are 9 of our favourite cheeses to add to your next cheese platter.

1. Red Fox: an 18-month-matured Red Leicester. Intensely flavoursome and very creamy with tiny crystals for a unique mouthfeel.

2. Huguenot™: a semi-hard cheese made from Jersey cow’s milk, matured for six months, medium-full in character, with nutty overtones.

3. Chèvre Roue: a whitemould goat’s-milk cheese, dusted with vegetable ash, with a characteristic goat’s-milk flavour.

4. Blue Stilton: a blue-veined cheese matured for four months to give it a rich, tangy taste.

5. Brie de Roche: a traditional white-mould cheese with an intense, rustic flavour, made with a blend of Jersey cow and goat’s milk.

6. Renosterbos: a hard goat’s cheese, matured for six months, with a firm texture with a rich, robust flavour.

7. Wensleydale with ginger and mango: a white cheese blended with crystallised ginger and mango.

8. Boland Blue: made using a unique blend of exclusive cheese cultures, this blue-veined cheese is ripened for 14 weeks and has a creamy, slightly sticky texture.

9. Overberg: an aged Gouda-style cheese made using pasteurised cow’s milk, matured for four-and-a-half months, with a robust flavour and creamy texture.

Find out more at woolworths.

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