Interesting salads you’ll actually want to eat

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Interesting salads you'll actually want to eat

Not all salads are created equal, and not all of them are boring. We’ve picked some of our most interesting – and easy – salad recipes to inspire you to eat more greens.

Grilled broccoli salad

The best way to add a bit of interest to veggies such as broccoli and asparagus is to char them. Top with a zippy salsa verde and you’ve got a particularly delicious salad.

Grilled-broccoli-saladGet the recipe for grilled broccoli salad here.

Minty green salad

Green salads are unfairly dismissed as boring, and we’re here to change that. This recipe proves that if you nail your dressing and use a good mix of textures, your salad will be anything but boring.
Minty-green-saladGet the recipe for minty green salad here.

Lentil salad

Lentils will always make a salad more interesting (and filling), but the trick here is not to overcook them so they retain their bite. Use any firm cheese you like here.
Lentil-saladGet the recipe for lentil salad here.

Five-bean salad

Another hearty salad, this one is a good all-rounder for middle-of-the-week dinners and taking along to your next braai.
five bean saladGet the recipe for five-bean salad here.

Super mielie salad

Next time you’re lighting up the braai, throw your corn onto the grills to give this salad an extra deep char.
Super mielie saladGet the recipe for super mielie salad here.

Roast carrot salad

Often roast carrots are served as a side, but here they get the salad treatment, doused in a rich tahini dressing.
Roast carrot saladGet the recipe for roast carrot salad here.

Caesar salad

There might be nothing new about this Caesar salad, but in the world of interesting salads, this one will always be the best out there.
Get the recipe for Caesar salad here.

Looking for more salads? Find our salad recipe collection here.

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