Is this creamy chocolate milk better hot or cold? Try both!

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Is this creamy chocolate milk better hot or cold? Try both!

Whether you heat and drink or whip and sip this chocolate milk, a generous sprinkling of chocolate shavings and cocoa powder should be invited to the party.


This chocolate milk is heaven

Whether you like your chocolate milk hot or cold, Woolies’ Ayrshire low-fat chocolate milk will always deliver a decadent, indulgent drink. It took first place in the flavoured milk category at the SA Dairy Championships, so we’re not the only fans of this milky treasure. And, because it’s made with responsibly sourced cocoa, it’s better for farmers, their families and the planet, too. Look out for the new Ayrshire dairy coffee cup in stores for those days you just can’t afford to wait in line.


Serving suggestion

Heat and decant into your favourite mug and top with mini pink and white marshmallows, or enjoy cold with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a generous dusting of cocoa powder.

Ayrshire-low-fat-chocolate-milk cappuccino-low-fat-flavoured-milk skinny-cafe-latte-fat-free-flavoured-milk

Whether you need a cappuccino, a skinny latte or chocolate milk, take it to go at, now.

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