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Long before Ottolenghi got us to dress our veg with yoghurt and Dan Barber began producing his carrot, beetroot and sweet potato flavours at Blue Hill Farm – yoghurt has been used in savoury dishes across the world.

Amasi is a fermented milk product, with the sourish flavour of plain yoghurt, popular in South Africa as a drink or poured over pap. Try the baked maas tart with citrus tart recipe here.

Ayran is a yoghurt drink especially popular in Turkey. It is shaken with ice and a little salt and is believed to have life-lengthening benefits.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that originated in Eastern Europe and southwest Asia. Now trending for its digestive benefits.

Labneh is a strained yoghurt enjoyed in the Middle East, often with olive oil and herbs. It is usually eaten with bread or rolled into small balls and served with meat. Try the labneh meze platter with bubble bread recipe here.

Lassi is a cold yoghurt drink from India and Pakistan, sometimes flavoured with cumin and turmeric. Try the saffron mango lassi recipe here.

Mast chekide from northern Iran is similar to kefir. It’s mixed with a pesto-like water and herbs and served as a side with many meals.

Raita is a cooling condiment of yoghurt, cucumber, mint and chilli, served with curries on the Indian subcontinent. Try the Indian lamb on the bone with pineapple-and-coriander raita recipe here.

Tzatziki is a strained yoghurt sauce from the Mediterranean that contains grated cucumber, olive oil and garlic, and is usually served with grilled meat. Try the meatballs with radish tzatziki and roast peppers recipe here.

Discover more recipes featuring yoghurt here.

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