Khanya Mzongwana’s favourite Xhosa recipes

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Khanya Mzongwana's favourite Xhosa recipes

TASTE contributor Khanya Mzongwana is known for creating some of our coolest recipes, but this time, she’s going back to her roots with a collection of Xhosa heritage dishes close to her heart.

Isonka samanzi (steamed bread)

“Steamed bread is by far one of the things that disappears the fastest in my home. There’s something about the crustlessness of steamed bread that makes it such a winner for mopping up soups and stews. Best eaten warm slathered with too much butter and a lick of apricot jam.”
Isonka-samanzi-steamed-breadGet the recipe for isonka samanzi here.

Amasi cheese

“This is so easy and a great way to use up that extra amasi in the fridge! Perfect on warm, buttery toast with a drizzle of honey.”
amasi-cheeseGet the recipe for amasi cheese here.

Umngqusho neembotyi (samp and beans)

“Samp and beans cooked as simply as ever, finished with a knob of salted butter. Delicious with a stew or as a satisfying dinner.”
umngqusho-neembotyi-samp-and-beansGet the recipe for umngqusho neembotyi here.

Umphokoqo namasi (crumbly pap and amasi)

“This is the perfect meal for a hot summer’s day and mine and my mom’s favourite prelude to a late afternoon braai. Some people enjoy this simple dish with a sprinkle of sugar, although it differs depending on where you are from.”
umphokoqo-namasi-crumbly-pap-and-amasiGet the recipe for umphokoqo namasi here.


“Imifino are essentially wild, foraged greens. I love umfino because it can really be any combination of dark, leafy greens you can get your hands on. I use whole kale and chopped spinach as well as some chargrilled young onions to add smokiness and crunch.”
Imifino-wild-greensGet the recipe for imifino here.

Umfino (maize meal cooked with cabbage and leafy greens)

“We didn’t eat much maize growing up but I remember my neighbours making umfino and this is my ode to them. This is a common staple dish in the Eastern Cape, often eaten on its own as a hearty, complete meal on cold nights but also delicious with grilled meat.”
umfino-maize-meal-cooked-with-cabbage-and-leafy-greensGet the recipe for umfino here.

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