Kitchen staples: the new loaves in town

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Kitchen staples: the new loaves in town

Out of bread? You don’t always have to pop that ol’ faithful wholewheat number into the trolley. A steady rotation of different loaves should keep that sarmie routine from getting stale.

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts” – James Beard, chef.

1. Berliner landbrot

A staple in Germany, Berliner landbrot has a soft texture and pleasant, earthy rye taste that does well with bold flavours. Try filling two slices with mature Cheddar, sliced radishes, chopped spring onions and mustard. Das ist gut, ja?

2. Easy to Bake Portuguese rolls

Wedging your peri-peri steak or stuffing chicken livers into just any roll won’t do. And if you don’t happen to live down the road from a Portuguese bakery, you’d do well to keep a packet of Woolies’ Easy to Bake Portuguese rolls – soft with a thin, crisp, flour-dusted crust – in your freezer at all times.

3. Soft rye

Not quite sold on the rye bread thing? Woolies’ soft rye is a great transition loaf with its spongy sourdough texture and mild flavour. Slightly sweet and flecked with caraway seeds, it’s similar to Scandinavia’s light rye, so give it the Nordic treatment with sliced rollmops, sliced red onions and fresh dill.

4. Cape seed bread

The nutty taste and compact, slightly crumbly texture of Cape seed bread makes it a great candidate for open sarmies with simple toppings. Sliced boiled eggs with a sprinkle of chopped parsley; smashed avo with a squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper … that type of vibe.

5. Ciabatta

Slow fermentation guarantees Woolies’ ciabatta’s moist, open crumb (big holes) and chewy texture, making it the perfect foil for saucy toppings. Halve lengthways, spread with sundried tomato pesto, top with slices of buffalo mozzarella, roasted red pepper and a couple of fresh basil leaves, and have yourself a tricolore moment.

6. Wholemeal pitas

Pita party for one? Totally acceptable. Especially if you swap the regular white ones for Woolies’ wholemeal pitas, made with brown- bread flour and crushed wholewheat. Fill those babies with falafel, chopped cucumber, tahini, yoghurt and parsley, and have a blast.

7. Carb-Clever linseed loaf

Miss bread since going the wheat- and gluten-free route? You need a Carb-Clever linseed loaf in your breadbin, as in yesterday. Made with a blend of sunflower, sesame and linseeds, coconut oil and egg, its moist texture will do well in the toaster.

8. gluten-free brown bread

Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut. Woolies’ gluten-free brown bread is made with alternative flours (rice and soya), ground flaxseeds and oat fibre for extra punch. Butter some slices, top with rashers of crispy bacon and HP sauce, then squish together and tuck in.

Keen to bake your own bread? Discover more bread recipes here.

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