Know your oils

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Know your oils

Not sure which oil to use when? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted.


This is said to have the highest smoking point of all the plantbased oils and is very versatile. Use it for frying and grilling; it’s also great in salad dressings, or drizzled over bread or pizza.

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These stalwart seed oils sometimes get bad press, but they’re perfectly good for frying at high temperatures and for baking. Canola oil is said to be lower in saturated fat than sunflower oil, but both should be used in moderation, you don’t want your food swimming in it!

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The darling of Banters and Paleo devotees due to its reported positive effect on cholesterol levels, coconut oil can be used for both baking and cooking. It’s solid at room temperature on colder days, and liquid when it’s warmer. Don’t panic if yours melts! It has a high smoking point, which makes it suitable for just about any use, but it performs very well when used for frying. A little goes a long way, so use it sparingly.

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A relative newcomer to the shelves, this oil is fortified with monounsaturated (the good stuff ) oleic acid, which makes it resistant to
oxidation and therefore more stable. It’s good for cooking at high temperatures, and for using in salad dressings.


Keep that expensive extra virgin olive oil for dressings only, it’s wasted on frying as it has quite a low smoking point (the temperature at which it starts to break down and lose its beneficial qualities). You can, however, use ordinary olive oil for cooking, but make sure to do so over a medium heat otherwise it’ll burn and its distinctive flavour will be lost.

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