Lashings of flavour with Woolies lightly smoked fish

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Lashings of flavour with Woolies lightly smoked fish

Bursting with flavour and so quick to cook, we’re loving lightly smoked fish in all kinds of ways, be it to add to a salad, a DIY fish taco or to star as the main attraction of a leisurely Sunday lunch.


Where there’s smoke there’s flavour, and lots of it. Case in point? Woolworths’ lightly smoked selection of fish, gently infused with oak smoke. Using untreated German oak chips, the natural smoking process takes place at a low temperature so the fish is imbued with a gentle smoky flavour, without being cooked.

The lightly smoked range includes boneless, skin-off tilapia with lemon-garlic butter; deboned, skin-on trout; skin-on mackerel, and deboned and skin-on Norwegian salmon. Simply remove from the easy-to-open packaging, bake or pan-fry until flaky, then serve with your favourite side or salad.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Prepare Woolworths’ lightly smoked tilapia with lemon butter and skin-on mackerel according to package instructions. Serve with butternut spaghetti or with roast sweet potato wedges and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Shop lightly smoked fish at Woolworths.

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