How do you like your chilli: mild, medium or hot?

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How do you like your chilli: mild, medium or hot?

These are just a few of the world’s best burners available in SA.

BIRD’S-EYES are small, fiery red or green chillies, commonly used in Chinese and southeast Asian cooking.

GREEN CHILLIES are essentially unripe chillies (usually chile d’Arbol) and don’t pack as much heat as RED CHILLIES, but add aromatic freshness, especially to Mexican food.

HABANEROS are the granddaddies of the chilli world and are used sparingly in salsas and marinades (think Jamaican jerk chicken) because of their heat. They are similar to Scotch bonnet peppers.

JALAPEÑOS are a milder green variety, similar in shape to SERRANO chillies, which are usually eaten raw, but not as hot. When smoked and dried, they’re called CHIPOTLES.

PAPRIKA PEPPERS are milder crescent-shaped, fat chillies, with a sweeter flavour.

CHILLI FLAKES are dried and crushed red chillies d’Arbol. Use them to add fire to stirfries, curries and sauces.

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