Low-carb cauliflower pizza bases

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Low-carb cauliflower pizza bases

Craving the satisfaction of a good old pizza? Food Editor Abigail Donnelly shows you how make delicious carb-free bases.

Cauliflower is quite a trendy ingredient, not because of its inherent glamour, however, but because of the low-carb craze. I’ve been quite surprised at how cauliflower can make a delicious mock creamed potato, pretend couscous, or even fake tortillas.

I have tried all of the above with great success and my family loves them, so I thought I’d try a cauliflower pizza base.

Nothing is quite the same as a traditional wood-fired thin dough base, but at least cauliflower pizzas hold together enough to be able to top with good combos.

How to make cauliflower pizza bases

This recipe makes three smaller individual pizza bases.

Take 1 large cauliflower head and break up into florets. Process in a blender or food processor in small batches until you have something that resembles small breadcrumbs or couscous. (This is cauli-rice and can be quickly stir-fried in coconut oil and served instead of couscous or rice.

To make the pizza bases, place the processed cauliflower in a bowl and add 1 t celery salt, 1 beaten egg and 2 T psyllium husk. (Psyllium husk can be bought from health shops – it’s a great binding agent and full of fibre. It becomes very sticky when wet, which I suppose is what gluten does and “glues” everything together.)

Rather than rolling out the dough, press it out to make a round shape. Sprinkle a greased baking tray with coconut flour, pat the cauliflower “dough” onto the tray and mould into circles.

Sometimes it’s best to press the mixture into springform tart tins.

Bake the base for 10 minutes at 180°C.

Spread over crushed canned tomatoes, garlic and oregano, then add whatever toppings you like, finishing off with grated mozzarella.

Return to the oven and bake until the cheese has melted and is golden brown.
Serve immediately.

For more pizza topping ideas, visit our pizza recipe guide.For more ideas with cauliflower, click here.

Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

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