Lunch hour is looking up with these 20-minute salads

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Lunch hour is looking up with these 20-minute salads

In need of a midday pick-me-up? With just a little bit of planning, your salads will soon become the envy of your colleagues. The best part? You’ll throw them together in 20 minutes – or less!

Creating Instagrammable meals in the office can take a bit of planning – but it’s worth the (minimal) effort. Follow these tips to whip up these 20 minute salads in no time at all:

  • Buy fresh produce in bulk and keep them in the office fridge – you’ll always have food on hand to throw together a quick meal.
  • Store pantry ingredients in your desk draw. This includes products such as lemons, tomatoes, nuts, olive oil, balsamic and non-creamy vinaigrettes.
  • Wash and chop at home in preparation for the week ahead. This makes for easy assembly every morning.
  • Invest in little containers for salad dressing – especially if you tend to whip up different dressings regularly. Simply pop them in your lunch box and off you go.



Flaked hot-smoked trout, avocado and saladGreen saladFresh coconut and baby marrow noodle saladtuna and bean salad

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Melissa Scheepers Article by: Melissa Scheepers

Woolworths TASTE’s online content producer has faced constant temptation since joining the team last year. When she’s not thinking about her next meal (it’s usually a variation of a cheese toastie), she’s researching the best cooking methods for her next article.

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