Make your life easier with the TASTE Loadshedding Cookbook!

TASTE Loadshedding cookbook

We South Africans are resilient and have handled loadshedding like absolute champs! But sometimes we can be caught unawares when that 6–8:30 pm time slot hits. That’s where the TASTE Loadshedding Cookbook comes in. It’s packed with 89 recipes that will help you navigate making dinner around loadshedding. From recipes you can whip up in a flash before the power goes out, to meals you can put together with no electricity, this cookbook is the ultimate loadshedding survival tool. Plus, we share hacks and tips to make your life even easier!

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Here’s what you can expect in the cookbook:


The most effective strategy for getting through a week of level six power cuts is, undoubtedly, speed. If you can make something in the half hour before it starts, or finish off the meal in 30 minutes when it’s back on, you’re winning. This section is filled with recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less.


When you’re really caught unawares (or the loadshedding schedule changes at the last minute), look to your pantry and freezer for inspiration. We share recipes that can be assembled quickly using these staples.



One-pan or one-pot cooking is not just a time-saving strategy for loadshedding, it’s also easy, hands-off and cuts down on washing up (not fun in the dark). Plus, if you have a camping stove, some of these recipes can easily be made on gas if the power is out.


If you’re a natural planner, treat dinner the way you would if you were entertaining friends and prepare as much as you can in advance. We’ve got recipes that you can prep ahead to make things easier for you during the midweek dinner rush.


It may seem obvious, but a midweek braai also has the power to brighten up your routine. And if you love to braai anyway, whatever the weather, then this is your chapter!

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