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PSA alert: Your favourite food mag is going bi-monthly. It is also going to be bigger and better. Why, you may ask? Well thanks to all of you flocking to our digital channels, we’ve moved up our master plan… So. Look out for our super-sized issues every second month, and a whole lot more online – more videos, live chats, exclusive recipes, guests cooks, shopping solutions… you name it, we’ll be doing it. You can get your issue at your local Woolworths, plus it is available for digital download via and

And a word to subscribers – you’ll still receive the 11 issues you paid for at the old cover-price (obvs), only now they’ll have more recipes and your subscription will last longer. Speaking of subscriptions…


Subscribe to TASTE, save 25% (pay R292.50 for six issues) and stand to win one of five new Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Day Creams, worth R1 095 each.

Today’s women are busy, driven and sometimes a little overwhelmed, but always on the front line. After 40, the skin can lose its natural tone, appear dull and drawn, and signs of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles set in. Clarins’s new Extra-Firming Energy Day Cream is packed with vitamins from plant and fruit extracts, fights the loss of radiance and helps skin that lacks firmness bounce back. Organic apricot oil nourishes the skin, organic goji berry extract helps reactivate the skin’s energy, acerola seed extract helps restore radiance, and paprika extract imparts a healthy glow.



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2. For international subscriptions, call 021 065 0033.
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Whether you’re cooking at home or heading out to explore, here’s what’s hot in the food world right now.

Hot chocolate bombs

  • Hot chocolate bombs: This trend hit the big time during the northern hemisphere’s winter but we were too busy folding wraps then, so we failed to give it a bash. Until now! Find the recipe for hot chocolate bombs here.
  • The new sourdough: The latest lockdown trend? Home-made pasta might sound intimidating, but it’s actually a two-ingredient recipe that can be made with ingredients most of us have at home.
  • Anatomy of a dish: Fourteen years after its inception, the family-run Café del Sol collection of Italian restaurants is as popular as ever. And if there’s one dish that keeps people coming back for more, it’s the porcini mushroom risotto.


Lamb sausage-and-lentil Bolognese, chunky coconut, ginger and sweet potato soup with buttery garlic-and-coriander beans, shredded chicken chilli over polenta and more easy weeknight suppers Hannah Lewry has lined up for autumn.

Braise your game

Turn to the lighter side when you need a comforting, one-pot stew that won’t weigh you down. Abigail Donnelly’s take on classic braises from Europe to Latin America and Japan will ease you into winter.


Flavour Icons

Inspired by the 100 Flavours Exhibition curated for the launch of Maker’s Landing in Cape Town, Khanya Mzongwana invented nine recipes starring beloved SA ingredients – from biltong ’nduja to Maltabella cookies.


Pucker up!

When life gives you lemons, limes, naartjies and more – it’s time for some comfort baking. Abigail Donnelly uses her favourite seasonal citrus to make three kinds of curd, lamingtons, tartlets, poached grapefruit and a classic nursery pudding.



Creamy, rose-flavoured drinks for breakfast, semolina pudding for starters and prawn curry for mains? That’s how Zorah Booley-Samaai rolls when celebrating Eid. Here, the creator of In The Midnight Kitchen, shares her classic menu for marking the end of Ramadan.


If you love rice or risotto, you should know that you can get the same comfort high from quinoa, barley and even buckwheat. Not convinced? Try Phillippa Cheifitz’s creamy butter bean barley bowls or cheesy trout “quinotto” and report back.


Chuckles millionaire’s shortbread

The fastest way to make someone feel like a million bucks? Give them a bite of this outrageously good pud. Unlike a conventional millionaire’s shortbread, this one features a chocolate centre – in the form of Chuckles – while the caramel is a luscious, whipped confection on top. Safety bonus: will keep fingersmiths from nicking the Chuckles, although they may be tempted to pilfer a taste of that caramel.

Get the recipe for Chuckles millionaire shortbread here. 


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    Renee Douman
    May 4, 2021

    Hi. Can you please post more vegetarian/vegan recipes? I do not particularly like the vegetarian plant based foods and would like to see a variety of veggie/grain foods.
    Thank you