Magic beans: how a summer bean salad became a cold-weather bean curry

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Magic beans: how a summer bean salad became a cold-weather bean curry

Mogau Seshoene associates winter with her grandmother’s bean curry and the stories that she loved as a child.

One of the few things I actually enjoy about winter is the food. Some of the best cooking happens when there’s a chill in the air. Think comforting stews and warming curries, freshly baked breads and gooey, sticky warm desserts – food that is slowly simmered to delicious goodness.

Winter is when food becomes more than just nourishment for the body, but sweet comfort and the most earnest way to show care. Winter also means more quality time spent together for me and my family. I have such fond memories of cold winter’s nights in my grandma’s kitchen with her old coal stove burning, keeping the whole house cosy.

Four-bean curry

My cousins and I would gather around during the school holidays, with her bean curry in hand and a piece of dombolo to mop it up. We were always delighted by the deliciousness of the curry and whatever tale she would be telling us. She made winter nights something to look forward to and actually enjoy, and taught us that with a little preparation, anything can be made not only bearable, but enjoyable, too.

My other tip for surviving winter? Turn summer favourites into hearty winter dishes. I turned my four-bean salad into a four-bean curry – just as hearty as my grandmother’s. Make time on the weekend to make a big batch that you can portion up and keep in the fridge or freezer for the week ahead. This will ensure you have a hearty meal ready to go when you get home on a cold winter’s evening.

Find the recipe for Mogau’s Four-bean curry here. 

Mogau Seshoene Article by: Mogau Seshoene

Mogau Seshoene, AKA The Lazy Makoti is a cookbook author and TV star.

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