Make meals in minutes with Woolies trout

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Make meals in minutes with Woolies trout

Bonus: you won’t need to fish for compliments.


Luscious slices of sashimi-cut trout turn a salad into an event, lightly smoked trout makes a flavour-packed meal in minutes, and trout portions turn into a showstopper when served in a vinegary, herby dressing. Whichever option you choose, Woolies’ range of trout portions will have you raking in the praise.

Opt for sashimi-cut trout, cold-smoked trout, hot-smoked trout with black pepper, mustard and dill, or trout portions. Available at selected stores.

Serving suggestions

– Serve trout sashimi with black Thai rice topped with roast kale, Woolworths roasted seaweed snack, avocado and sriracha mayonnaise. Dress with teriyaki sauce, roasted cashew nuts, a little honey and a squeeze of lime juice.
– Serve hot-smoked trout with roast baby sweet potatoes, grated fresh beetroot, pomegranate rubies, fresh strawberries, slivers of red onion and baby spinach.
– Serve trout sashimi on halved whole gem lettuces dressed with macerated raspberries and lots of fresh lime juice, topped with Woolworths’ pickled red onion and microherbs.

Shop the trout range here.

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