Meet Abby, Nicola and Apache – our new favourite potatoes

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Meet Abby, Nicola and Apache – our new favourite potatoes

We’ve never met a potato we didn’t love. This root vegetable comes in different shapes, sizes and textures all boasting unique flavours. Introducing Apache, Abby and Nicola potatoes, 3 potatoes varietals you have to try. Show off Apache potatoes as doubled-cooked smashed potatoes, serve Abby potatoes as parmesan-crusted potato wedges and Nicola potatoes are great in a green salad that’ll be a new favourite at any braai.

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Who doesn’t love potatoes? There’s something for everyone – chips, roasties, cheesy mash or rostis. Woolworths has introduced three new potato varietals to its shelves: Abby, Nicola and Apache potatoes. These potatoes have been selected for their unique flavour and qualities. Here’s how to prepare them.

Apache potatoes

Apache potatoes are easily identifiable by their red skins that have pale cream patches. They have a waxy texture on the outside and a buttery flavour. These potatoes are usually small to medium in size so there’s no need to boil them before frying or roasting. As for serving, we promise you won’t want to make roast potatoes using any other potato ever again, they’re that good!

Get the recipe for doubled-cooked smashed potatoes here.

Abby potatoes

Abby potatoes are all-rounders. The textural quality of this variety is waxy or floury, making them suitable for most cooking methods. They’re deliciously creamy with pink skin and a finger-like shape.

Get the recipe for Parmesan-crusted potato wedges here.

Nicola potatoes

Nicola potatoes are deliciously nutty Mediterranean-style potatoes. They too are waxy and floury with a creamy texture when cooked. They’re best for boiling – add them to salads, stews and curries, or use to make mash.

Get the recipe for green Nicola potato salad here.

Woolworths Apache, Abby and Nicola potatoes are locally grown and specially selected. Each potato has been selected for its unique flavour and cooking method. Fry, boil, roast or mash – you’re spoilt for choice. 

Shop at Woolworths.

Photograph: Sadiqah Assur
Production: Brita du Plessis
Recipes: Josh van Zyl

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