Meet the new cheeseburger

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Meet the new cheeseburger

We’re firm believers that every good burger requires cheese. If you’re in the same camp – or just looking for a satisfying vegetarian main – we have good news.


Now you can make cheese the hero of the whole dish with Woolworths’ plain or smoked haloumi burgers.

They’re soft, mildly flavoured and ready in minutes. Layer them with griddled brinjal; stack them high with hummus and roast red peppers; or top with honeyed tomatoes and fresh basil.

Serving suggestion:

Rub large brown mushrooms with a little olive oil and garlic and grill over hot coals.
Fry Woolworths’ haloumi burgers in a nonstick pan until golden.
Layer with baby gem lettuce leaves, ripe tomatoes, basil pesto and caramelised onion.

Shop the halloumi burgers at woolworths now.

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