Cooking for every kind of eater menu

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Ever found yourself in a situation where you forgot to check your guests’ dietary requirements – and there happened to be a vegan in the mix when your hero dish was a roast lamb? This menu is here to ensure that it never happens again.

  • Health conscious

    • Golden latte with black pepper and maple syrup
    • Smoky baby marrows with garlicky cannellini beans on toast
    • Buttermilk rye crêpes Suzette with clementines
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  • Lactose intolerant

    • Asian-dressed sashimi
    • Asian chicken with fresh coriander salsa
    • Champagne jelly with gooseberries
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  • Carb-conscious

    • Whole harissa-roasted cauliflower
    • Peppered mackerel on cauliflower purée with chickpeas, olives and feta
    • Lemon-and-lime souffle
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  • Free-from-gluten

    • Thai red chicken curry lettuce cups
    • Brinjal-and-mince bake
    • Gluten-free raspberry cake with creme fraiche icing
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  • V is for vegan

    • Vegan cashew nut cream dip
    • Spicy red lentils and crisp tofu
    • Grilled fruit with sorbet and granadilla coulis
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