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Pressed for time? Don’t skimp on flavour! Whether you’re entertaining guests or cooking for yourself, throw together one of these quick meals.

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  • Fast three-course weekday dinner

    • Beetroot salad with hot cross bun croutons
    • Mixed baby veg and tofu vermicelli
    • Home-made melon lollies
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  • Easy peasy supper

    • Virgin cucumber Collins
    • Bitter greens with walnuts and Gorgonzola dressing
    • Bianco cucina (anchovy-and-cauliflower pasta)
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  • Minimal Prep Required

    • Baked tomato and cheesy gnocchi
    • Cheat’s malva pudding
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  • Effortless Eating

    • Pork sausages, sweet tomato and potato tray bake
    • Ginger biscuits with peanut butter
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  • Cheat’s Dinner

    • Woolworths pork schnitzels with quick smashed minted peas
    • Blue cheese baked gem squash
    • Cheat’s granadilla tart
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