Sunday Lunch menu

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Gather your friends and prepare to feast: Sunday lunch is all about slow-cooked, roasted, fall-off-the-bone perfection.

  • From all of us, with love

    • Baked chicken liver paté with clementines
    • Rustic chicken pie
    • Chocolate crêpe cake with Nutella cream
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  • Summer lunch

    • Red cabbage slaw
    • Whole braaied yellowtail in newspaper with chipotle mayonnaise and red onion pickle
    • Buttermilk jelly with sticky strawberries
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  • Lazy Sunday Lunch

    • Baby marrow ribbon salad
    • Bolognese with gnocchi
    • Brownies with berry sauce and crushed Oreos
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  • Warming Sunday lunch

    • Woolworths vegetable chips with home-made garlicky hummus
    • Slow-roasted brisket
    • Roasted baby carrots with fennel and sage
    • Radish, cauliflower and beetroot piccalilli with baked goats cheese
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