Weekend Feasting menu

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Love eating with the seasons? This is the only menu you’ll need to wow your guests this weekend.

  • Vegetarian braai

    • Smoky corn with spring onion cream cheese and maple syrup
    • Butternut stuffed with spinach-and-tomato couscous
    • Charcoal-caramelised s’mores
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  • Food truck menu for kids (and grown-ups)

    • Tuna poké plates
    • Sweet chilli chicken
    • Abigail’s famous mac ‘n’ cheese
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  • Cosy Sunday lunch

    • Sweet potato gratin on a plate
    • Sticky ClemenGold-glazed roast chicken with pumpkin wedges
    • Sesame banana spring rolls with salted caramel sauce
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  • Friday Dinner

    • Bom bom beans
    • Smashed burgers with caramelised onions
    • Malva pudding
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  • Saturday Braai

    • Marinated corn chunks with chilli
    • Rib-eye with café de Paris butter
    • S’mores with Nutella
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  • Sunday brunch

    • Potato rostis topped with salad greens, salmon and crème fraîche
    • Watermelon, raspberry and mint cooler
    • Granola with strained vanilla yoghurt
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