Mighty Aphrodites: 6 aphrodisiac foods to spark the romance

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Mighty Aphrodites: 6 aphrodisiac foods to spark the romance

Annette Klinger rounds up a selection of breakfasts to bring to your significant other in bed this Valentine’s Day to fan the flames of desire. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Sweet quinoa cooked in almond milk

WHY? The aroma of almonds are said to get women all hot under the collar, while the smell of cinnamon apparently gets men going. Plus, quinoa was the staple food of Aztec soldiers. If it could sustain them through hand-to-hand combat, imagine what it could do for you.

View the recipe here

Marmalade-glazed mosbolletjies

WHY? The ancient Greeks and Romans held aniseed – the spice that gives this South African bake its signature taste – in high esteem for its ability to increase the libido. Also, it’s a natural breath freshener, so feel free to lean in.

View the recipe here

Banana flapjacks with buttermilk and fresh honeycomb

WHY? Innuendo aside, bananas contain an enzyme called bromeliad that’s rumoured to get the party started. Honey contains a mineral called boron that has been linked to increasing testosterone levels and… let’s just say that’s a good thing.

View the recipe here

Avocado Cajun scrambled eggs

WHY? The Kama Sutra says sparrow’s eggs improve potency, but failing that, good ol’ chicken eggs are also said to do the trick, too. As far as avocados are concerned, the Aztecs called the avo tree “ahuacuatl”, which means testicle tree. We’re going to leave it right there.

View the recipe here

Asparagus and blue cheese bake with egg

WHY? During the 17th century, English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper wrote that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman”. And then there’s the blue cheese – we kid you not. None other than Casanova said that Roquefort “had the power to restore love and bring to maturity a budding love”. We figure the Gorgonzola in this recipe should have more or less the same effect.

View the recipe here

Mushrooms with roasted garlic cream and herb-buttered toast

WHY? Mushrooms are full of zinc, which is widely believed to up testosterone levels. Add to that garlic – which Ezra the Scribe said “promotes love and arouses desire” – and basil, the smell of which supposedly drives men so wild that in the old days women rubbed the powdered leaves on their bosoms. It’s also good for circulation, so there’s that too.

View the recipe here


Annette Klinger Article by: Annette Klinger

Woolworths TASTE’s features writer maintains that almost any dish can be improved with butter and cream. She’s a stickler for comfort food, especially German treats that remind her of her late grandmother, such as pork schnitzel with sauerkraut and spätzlen. She is a voracious reader of food magazines and recipe books, and instinctively switches over to the cooking channel whenever she checks into a hotel or guesthouse.

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