The most popular recipes in March 2022

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The most popular recipes in March 2022

Wondering what fellow TASTE readers cooked during March? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 recipes you couldn’t get enough of in this last month.

10. Herb-crusted lamb rack

We’re 100% sure Mogau’s how-to video was the reason behind people flocking to our site to their hands on this easy (and fast) roast – perfect for Sunday lunch.

Herb-crusted lamb rack

Get the recipe for herb-crusted lamb rack here.

9. Hot cross buns with pickled fish

 The Woolies bakery shelves are overflowing with our range of hot cross buns, this time of the year. Whether this proudly South African classic is your favourite or our video peaked your interest in this combo, Hannah shows you how to dig in!

Hot cross buns with pickled fish 
Get the recipe for hot cross buns with pickled fish here.

8. Prawn cakes

The secret ingredient to these satisfyingly crispy prawn cakes is quinoa! Trust us on this one.

prawn cakes

Get the recipe for prawn cakes here.

7. Home made falafel

TASTE deputy editor Khanya Mzongwana loves a cheap, but satisfying meal. If you’ve never made falafel from scratch, fear not, follow her easy steps in this reel and you’ll ace this recipe in a snap.

Home-made falafel
Get the recipe for home made falafel here.

6. Broccoli and halloumi salad

You might be surprised to learn that Google searches for ‘broccoli salad’ are off the charts in South Africa. And with more of our readers adopting a meat-free diet, it’s no surprise that this recipe made the top 10 list. A clever way to enjoy broccoli (sliced into steaks) served with salty halloumi and spicy, warm vinaigrette.

Get the recipe for broccoli and halloumi salad here.

5.  Ladle eggs with chilli crisp

Chilli crisp proves it’s more than an Instagram trend in this recipe. Grab a ladle and watch Abigail and Keletso, show you step-by-step, how to perfect this campfire-approved method of frying eggs.

Ladle eggs with chilli crisp
Get the recipe for ladle eggs with chilli crisp here.

4. Avo potato salad

Psst! Want Mogau’s secret to healthy-ish potato salad? Swap mayo for creamy, mashed avo.

potato salad
Get the recipe for avo potato salad here.

3. Focaccia with honey-roasted grapes

Did you do some entertaining to do in March? We’re sure this easy, yet impressive bake stole the show. Check out Hannah’s video if the thought of yeasted doughs intimidates you.

Foccacia with honey-roasted grapes
Get the recipe for focaccia with honey-roasted grapes here.

2. Braaied paella

TASTETube presenter and stylist, Keletso, takes the fear out of making paella. If you’ve always been intimidated by paella, give his braai-ella a try – it’s an easy crowd-pleaser that will be a hit at any braai.

Braaied paella

Get the recipe for braaied paella here.

1. Lemon drizzle cake

Mogau’s best-ever lemon loaf takes the number one spot as your top recipe for March. Got some guests coming over or just need a tea break? Here’s your new go-to recipe.

Lemon-and-yoghurt drizzle cake
Get the recipe for lemon drizzle cake here.

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TASTE's commercial content producer loves thrifty recipes, fridge foraging and never says "no" to cake. When she's not flipping through the pages of food mags and cookbooks, she's happily baking and knitting in her tiny apartment.

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