• Shakshuka is one pan of wonderful

    Shakshuka: the anytime of the day dish, that’s as great cooked for one as it is cooked for many. Plus it tastes great whether you use fresh ingredients or pantry staples. Either way, there’ll be very little washing up too.

  • Anatomy of a dish: bibimbap

    Ordering bibimbap at Korean restaurant Soju is a revelation. A piping-hot, custom-made stone bowl, filled to the brim, arrives at your table, just waiting for you to get to the best bit. Spoiler alert: it’s at the bottom.

  • 5 quick eggy meals to make this week

    We at TASTE HQ are not opposed to having breakfast for dinner, and it feels like this may be one of those very weeks where we celebrate the humble egg. And if you need a little more persuasion, these dishes take no longer than 20 minutes to make.

  • Sponsored: ClemenGold zest appeal

    ClemenGold is the little citrus fruit that could. Ripened on the tree until honey-sweet and juicy, the bright orange orbs are virtually seedless and super easy to peel and segment, allowing you to get your citrus fix with zero mess and fuss.

  • 4 no-bake cheesecakes to whip up this weekend

    Oh, the no-bake cheesecake! We could wax lyrical about their creamy, sweet and often tart fillings. They’re oh-so easy to make: simply mix together the ingredients, pop in the fridge and you’re good to go. Try not check on your cheesecake too much! A watched cheesecake never sets.

  • The great flatbread guide

    Forget the knives and forks, folks – eating flatbread is a totally hands-on affair. From spicy Indian parathas, to potato farls topped with bacon and maple syrup (trust the Irish!), we’re serving a world of flavour right here

  • Easy vetkoek recipe

    3 ways with vetkoek

    It’s the South African staple we know and love. Vetkoek are best eaten piping hot, overflowing with the filling of your choice. Whether you’re more of a traditionalist or would like to shake things up, one of these tasty little morsels is bound to tickle your fancy.

  • Roll with it: your guide to home-made pastry

    Do you panic about puff? Shudder at shortcrust? Fear phyllo? Don’t. There are easier ways to make your favourite pie or tart. Follow our easy pastry recipes, or take an even shorter cut and use Woolies’ readymade pastries instead.

  • How to be a global cook

    Think of your pantry as a gateway to your favourite world cuisine. Stock your cupboard with a few versatile but exotic ingredients and enjoy an international flavour journey without the jetlag.

  • 6 wholesome ways with cabbage

    Don’t turn your nose up just yet! Cabbage is one of the most under-appreciated veg, despite the fact that it packs a punch in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Plus, it’s an inexpensive addition to your crisper drawer.

  • The 7 foods you need to deep fry

    Everything in moderation, sure, but sometimes it’s necessary to indulge in good old-fashioned battered-and-fried foods. And if the traditional favourites (beer-battered fish, anyone?) tickle your fancy, you’re going to love these 7 different ways of deep-frying food.

  • Raise the bar: the savoury route

    The world’s best bartenders are giving sugary, fruity cocktails a break and shaking up veggie juices, herbs, vinegars and broths instead. And garnishes are following suit. Bacon swizzle stick, anyone?