• Woolworths foodie gifts for dad

    Woolworths foodie gifts for dad

    Is your old man a keen cook? Or does he simply enjoy the pleasure of indulging in good food? Wherever his level of “foodie” lies, Woolworths has a gift for every kind of dad this Father’s Day.

  • Eat your favourite winter comfort foods without expanding your waistline (too much)

    Winter indulgence without the weight gain

    There is a host of winter comfort foods that are simply too good to resist, like fluffy mash served with a thick gravy, and good old spaghetti and meatballs. If you’re watching your waistline and are worried that most of your favourites are laden with carbs, there are clever ways around it – thanks to our smart recipes and Woolworths’ range of carb-clever eats, that is.

  • 5 Sweet wintry ways with balsamic

    5 sweet wintry ways with balsamic

    Hannah Lewry recently discovered just how incredibly versatile balsamic vinegar is. This week she takes it out of its savoury comfort zone and brings you five sweet balsamic desserts on a whole new level of delicious.

  • The perennial appeal of olive oil

    The perennial appeal of olive oil

    While coconut oil might be the cooking fat that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment, we’re still enamoured with olive oil. Here are six reasons why it’s still our go-to store-cupboard essential.

  • Abi’s favourite ways with sundried tomatoes

    Lately Abigail Donnelly has been craving sundried tomatoes – the soft-eating ones from Woolworths that are immersed in a vinegary sharp-sweet marinade. There are myriad ways to use them – from baked potato skins to popcorn. Here are her favourites.

  • Woolworths’ new Easy to Cook range

    Woolworths’ new additions to the Easy to Cook range put the gourmet into every day. From pork and beef meatballs to salted caramel pork shoulder, there is sure to be something to satisfy your belly.

  • Clem goes meatball mad

    Moreish meatballs in all their guises are Clement Pedro’s current comfort food. So he created two finger-licking, hunger-bashing, drool-inducing recipes to satisfy his cravings.

  • 5 recipes starring red wine

    The nip in the air on wintry nights calls for more than just sipping on a glass of red. Hannah Lewry reckons adding your favourite wine to your cooking lends robust colour and flavour that’ll warm your heart and tum

  • Is gas braaiing the way to go?

    With loadshedding in full swing and winter’s chill slowly creeping in, we’re faced with a double whammy that’s making us frequently turn to cooking apparatus that doesn’t require electricity. TASTE investigates the benefits of gas braaiing, with a few suggestions for foods that can be cooked to perfection over gas.

  • Abi's ideas with affogato

    Abi’s ideas with affogato

    Italian affogato, strong, hot coffee served with a scoop of cold ice cream, makes perfect sense to me. It’s especially fun when it’s made in a big bowl so that it’s acceptable to drink from it!

  • The evolution of pizza

    The evolution of pizza

    From the classic peasant dish enjoyed by Neopolitans, to sausage-and-cheese-filled crust creations topped with more ingredients you can shake a stick at, the pizza has certainly come a long way. TASTE features writer Annette Klinger investigates.

  • Cicheti: Venetian savoury snacks and sides

    Cicheti: Venetian savoury snacks and sides

    Abigail Donnelly loves eating small bites and morsels of food. It gives you a chance to experience lots of different flavours, she says. The Spanish call this style of eating tapas, and the Italians have their own version called cicheti.