• Clem goes meatball mad

    Moreish meatballs in all their guises are Clement Pedro’s current comfort food. So he created two finger-licking, hunger-bashing, drool-inducing recipes to satisfy his cravings.

  • 5 recipes starring red wine

    The nip in the air on wintry nights calls for more than just sipping on a glass of red. Hannah Lewry reckons adding your favourite wine to your cooking lends robust colour and flavour that’ll warm your heart and tum

  • Is gas braaiing the way to go?

    With loadshedding in full swing and winter’s chill slowly creeping in, we’re faced with a double whammy that’s making us frequently turn to cooking apparatus that doesn’t require electricity. TASTE investigates the benefits of gas braaiing, with a few suggestions for foods that can be cooked to perfection over gas.

  • Abi's ideas with affogato

    Abi’s ideas with affogato

    Italian affogato, strong, hot coffee served with a scoop of cold ice cream, makes perfect sense to me. It’s especially fun when it’s made in a big bowl so that it’s acceptable to drink from it!

  • The evolution of pizza

    The evolution of pizza

    From the classic peasant dish enjoyed by Neopolitans, to sausage-and-cheese-filled crust creations topped with more ingredients you can shake a stick at, the pizza has certainly come a long way. TASTE features writer Annette Klinger investigates.

  • Cicheti: Venetian savoury snacks and sides

    Cicheti: Venetian savoury snacks and sides

    Abigail Donnelly loves eating small bites and morsels of food. It gives you a chance to experience lots of different flavours, she says. The Spanish call this style of eating tapas, and the Italians have their own version called cicheti.

  • Bone broth: what’s the big deal?

    Bone broth: what’s the big deal?

    The age-old flavour-packed liquid, used for everything from settling the stomach to forming the base of delicious dishes, is currently taking the world by storm. TASTE investigates the trend

  • Carb-clever ‘carbonara’

    Carb-clever ‘carbonara’

    Watching your carb intake but still want to indulge in good old Italian favourites? Abigail Donnelly shares a few clever tricks to help you knock some carbs out of your diet without feeling deprived

  • 5 quick-and-easy anchovy recipes

    5 quick-and-easy anchovy recipes

    Anchovies are Hannah Lewry’s secret weapon when it comes to adding a flavour punch. They impart a delicious salty depth of flavour and complement sweet and buttery dishes really well. Here are her favourite ways to eat them.

  • Food movies for mom

    In a couple of days it’ll be Mother’s Day and, sure, flowers and chocolates are a fine gift, but why not give your mom something she’ll really treasure and treat her to some one-on-one quality time with movie night? Just make sure you have some snacks to hand – our suggestions are sure to make you salivate.

  • 5 genius ways with fudge

    5 genius ways with fudge

    Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and my mom is always happiest when I make something for her myself, a card and a sweet treat always does the trick, says Hannah Lewry. Here are her favourite ways with fudge to inspire you.