3 ways to take that simple soup to the next level

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3 ways to take that simple soup to the next level

Few things beat a bowl of comforting home-made soup on a cold night, but who has time for all the chopping and slicing? With Woolworths’ range of pre-cut soup mixes, that bowl is closer than you think. Pick your favourite soup mix, add stock, simmer and there you go! And if you feel like a bit of embellishment… who’s stopping you?

Minestrone + cherry tomatoes + pasta = the midweek wonder

Start with one pack of minestrone soup mix. Add 1 litre of veggie stock or water and one can of tinned cherry tomatoes. Stir through and simmer for 40 minutes with the lid on. Add 30 g of farfalle pasta and simmer for a further 10-12 minutes. Serve with grated Parmesan and toasted cheese.

Lentil & tomato soup mix + chilli, butternut & chickpea + curry paste + chorizo = feeding masses

Perfect for unexpected guests on cold nights …

Start with a lentil & tomato soup kit. Heat olive oil in a casserole and add some curry paste of your choice; heat until fragrant. Add the contents of the soup kit and a can of tinned cherry tomatoes. Add 1.5 litres water or veggie stock and also a packet of chilli butternut & chickpea soup mix. Simmer for 40 minutes, then blend with a hand blender to the consistency of your liking. Serve with fresh basil pesto, fried chorizo and a scoop of plain yoghurt.

Asian soup kit + sesame oil + soy sauce + rice noodles = go gourmet

Use the new Asian soup kit and cook according to the package instructions. Heat sesame oil in a casserole and add the chopped veggies from the soup kit. Add soy sauce, or the flavourful sauce from the kit, top with water and simmer until the veggies are nice and tender. Serve the soup with the cooked rice noodles from the kit. Drizzle with fresh coconut cream, sliced spring onions, toasted coconut flakes and fresh coriander. Add a squeeze of fresh lime and enjoy!

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