Night-time routine tips that’ll guarantee a stress-free morning

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Night-time routine tips that'll guarantee a stress-free morning

We know that life gets super busy but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself on the back burner. We’re sharing a few recipes and tasks you can do the night before – from easy breakfast and lunch recipes and the simplest skincare routine – ensuring you have a peaceful start to your day.

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Lately, it seems like there’s not enough time to tick off all the important stuff on your to-do list. But tackling those tasks is futile if you don’t put yourself first. Yes, you may not be able to run yourself a bubble bath every day to relax, but self-care comes in many forms. Prioritising breakfast, packing a filling lunch (instead of getting takeaways at the office cafeteria) and doing your daily skincare routine are simple self-care rituals that don’t require too much from you.

Overnight oats with brûléed bananas

This is the ultimate make-ahead breakfast. It’s great on its own – creamy oats with chocolate peanut butter and chia seeds, or take it up a notch with brûléed bananas, dalgona coffee whip, a dollop of chocolate peanut butter and seeds and nuts when you have extra time in the morning.

Overnight oats with brûléed bananasGet the recipe for overnight oats with brûléed bananas here.

Sumac-white chocolate trail mix

We know you don’t always have the time to sit down for breakfast. On those days, this trail mix with tahini, chia seeds and sumac is perfect for packing in a lunchbox to eat when you get to work or school. Add chunks of white chocolate to make it decadent. Serve with berries and creamy yoghurt – we guarantee your day will seem so much brighter!

Sumac-white chocolate trail mixGet the recipe for sumac-white chocolate trail mix here. 

Chopped salad

Got leftover veggies from tonight’s dinner? Add them to tomorrow’s lunch. This chopped salad requires zero effort to assemble. You’ll manage to fit in quite a few veggies and grains in this dead-easy desk lunch.

Chopped saladGet the recipe for chopped salad here.

Pineapple-and-ginger zing

Cool off this summer with this refreshing drink. It’s got a kick of ginger and the pineapple juice adds just the right amount of sweetness. On those hot summer nights, make a huge jug of this home-made fizz – it’s like drinking a cocktail without any of the alcohol (you’ve got things to do tomorrow, after all).

Get the recipe for pineapple-and-ginger zing here.

Skoon 3-step night-time skincare routine

Finally, don’t skip your skincare routine. Taking a few minutes to tend to yourself can do wonders for your skin and your morale. Skoon’s sleep range includes three beauty sleep products that hydrate and help your skin regenerate while you sleep.

The area around your eyes is extremely fragile and thin so pay extra attention to it during your day and night-time routine. The sleep depuff eye gel pen contains caffeine to wake up circulation and CBD to calm your skin’s sensitivity.

The BFF Sleepover face mask is a revolutionary nanotech mask treatment for super overnight hydration and rejuvenation. This mask is 100% dissolvable and infused with ultra-nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, soothing CBD and antioxidants.

Moisten your skin and help it actively absorb up to three times more hydration overnight with the Skin PJ’s activator face mist. A few spritzes to your face after applying the BFF Sleepover face mask will power up your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and strengthen its barrier.

Shop the Skoon sleep range at Woolworths. 

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