Oodles of noodles and clever ideas with them

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Oodles of noodles and clever ideas with them

Versatile, inexpensive, super easy to rustle up and, most importantly, very tasty – what’s not to love about noodles? We pay tribute to their slurpy goodness with six fun recipes for you to try.

Whether it’s egg noodles, instant noodles, udon noodles or ramen, noodles are a fun food in all their guises. And while some research claims that instant noodles are covered in a layer of wax to prevent them from sticking together, two-minute noodle aficionados are up in arms about this until it’s proven.

It’s not easy to let go of one of the cheapest (and reasonably tasty) office lunches (under five bucks locally). A few minutes in the microwave and voilà – a steaming hot bowl of deliciousness! Not to mention the infinite ways in which you can jazz them up with just a few odds and ends from your fridge and pantry. Take TASTE’s features writer and resident instant noodle expert Annette Klinger’s recipe for instance, which proves that noodles are a worthy culinary gem.

Annette’s take incorporates a fry-up of garlic, onions, fresh thyme and chopped mushrooms. “Add a dash of sherry (if you like) or a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, stir through some cream, then mix with the cooked noodles. A bit of chopped garlic chives scattered over the top also wouldn’t go amiss.” Instant noodle skeptics may turn up their noses at this, but I sure am trying this (minus the sherry)!

That said, ramen, udon and egg noodles (albeit more expensive) are as delicious (arguably tenfold more) and just as easy to transform into substantial, scrumptious meals like these:

Udon-and-salmon bowl

Asian-style noodle broth

Easy noodle salad with coconut dressing

Noodle salad with Asian-style peanut butter sauce

Japanese-style duck with mushrooms and noodles

Ashraf Booley Article by: Ashraf Booley

Woolworths TASTE’s digital content producer loves nothing more than trying out inventive recipes and using close friends and family as his guinea pigs. When he’s not crafting content or posting images to TASTE’s Instagram account, he sits in a quiet corner sipping on pretentious tea and penning poetry.

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