Our best curry recipes for Eid

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Our best curry recipes for Eid

Eid is going to be a little different this year due to the nationwide lockdown. But you can still whip up your favourite curries to celebrate with your family

This year, Eid is going to be very different from what we’re used to. Gone are the days of family and friends gathering, sharing their favourite foods and having fun together. Due to lockdown, people will have to practise social distancing and celebrate in their own homes.

But the spirit of Eid is as strong as ever and can be enjoyed on a smaller scale with just immediate family. To help prep for a modified feast, we’ve rounded up some of our top curries to have at Eid this year and included tips on how to make it work during lockdown.

The strategy: Make one or two dishes for the family at home and rework leftovers to enjoy later.

Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole

Nothing says celebration like a biryani, but this year why not try this Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole instead? It’s less labour intensive (and more cost effective) than a traditional biryani and perfect for a smaller table. If you don’t finish it, no problem, biryani always tastes better the next day! A cumin, coriander, cashew and carrot salad will complement the casserole, adding colour, texture and crunch to the dish.
Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole recipeGet the recipe for Cape Malay chicken biryani casserole.

Carrot saladGet the recipe for crunchy cumin, coriander, cashew and carrot salad.

Creamy prawn curry

Prawn curry is always a winner and this recipe is easy to make and makes a deliciously fragrant addition to the table. Enjoy it with a side of basmati rice, or scoop it up on a poppadom. You can also have it with pudlas and a side of raita. Mix the leftover curry with some cooked spaghetti for a curry pasta the next day.
prawn curryGet the recipe for prawn curry. 

Get the recipe for pudlas with raita.

Cape Malay lamb curry

Lamb is a standard addition to any Eid table and lamb curry is a firm favourite. This recipe is Cass Abrahams’ and is a wonderful, authentically South African dish to serve on Eid. If you want to get inventive, you can have the curry with biryani-inspired fragrant rice rather than making a full biryani. You can also use the leftover filling in puff pastry and make lamb curry pies.
Get the recipe for Cape Malay lamb curry

breyani inspired fragrant riceGet the recipe for breyani-inspired fragrant rice

lamb curry pieGet the recipe for lamb curry pie.

Butter chicken

A milder curry that the whole family can tuck into, butter chicken is decadently delicious and comforting. Have it with jasmine or basmati rice. You can also enjoy it with home-made roti, and make yummy roti rolls the next day.
butter chicken curry
Get the recipe for butter chicken curry.

How to make rotis
Find out how to make rotis here.

Dhal-and-cauliflower curry

If you’re looking for a vegetarian option to add to your table, this dhal-and-cauliflower curry is a great choice and perfect for a smaller family meal. Lap it up with naan bread or serve it on rice. If you buy fresh, unsliced bread you can make vegetarian bunny chows with the leftovers. You can also opt for a traditional dhal to use as a side with any of the above curries.
Dhal and cauliflower curry recipeGet the recipe for dhal-and-cauliflower curry.

dhal lentil curryGet the recipe for dhal.


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