Our cheesiest Italian-inspired recipes

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Our cheesiest Italian-inspired recipes

As if we ever need an excuse to eat cheese, this roundup of Italian-inspired, cheese-heavy dishes is easing our wanderlust while we can’t travel.

Baked tomato and cheesy gnocchi

It’s a little-known fact that baking gnocchi is a great way of switching things up. It’s also a great vehicle for layers of melty cheese.
Get the recipe for baked tomato and cheesy gnocchi here.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

You really don’t get more comforting than a steaming melanzane – especially when it includes this much cheese.
Get the recipe for melanzane alla Parmigiana here.

Crispy mozzarella sticks

While not strictly Italian, mozzarella sticks are the ideal cheesy starter.
Crispy mozzarella sticksGet the recipe for crispy mozzarella sticks here.

Mushroom arancini balls

Arancini alone aren’t necessarily the cheesiest snacks out there, but when stuffed with mozzarella they sure are.
Get the recipe for mushroom arancini balls here.

Cacio e pepe

If you want to eat half a wedge of pecorino and call it dinner, cacio e pepe is the recipe for you.
plate of Cacio e pepeGet the recipe for cacio e pepe here.

Looking for more cheesy recipes? Find our ultimate collection here.

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