The best overnight breakfasts for hassle-free mornings

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The best overnight breakfasts for hassle-free mornings

Don’t delay until tomorrow what you can do tonight. Breakfast need not be a scramble – it could be as easy as a quick visit to the fridge. Preserve your morning sanity with these brilliant breakfasts.

Meal prep was not made for weekday mornings. Try some of these overnight oats recipes tonight and thank yourself tomorrow.

Overnight-soaked chia seeds with dried fruit and macadamia butter

Try the overnight-soaked chia seeds recipe here.

Cook’s note: Soaked chia seeds can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, so prepare enough on Sunday and breakfast is covered all week.

Overnight oat jars

Overnight oat jars

Try the overnight oat jars recipe here.

Granola with strained vanilla yoghurt

Try this recipe here.

Cook’s note: This can be served fresh out of the oven or stored overnight in an airtight jar. Shards of granola packed into roasting bags or jars also make delicious home-made gifts.

Bircher muesli with raspberry compote

Try this recipe here.

Breakfast banana splits

Try this recipe here.

Cook’s tip: Use organic dried mango instead of raisins and experiment with the full range of Woolworths’ delicious organic cereals.

Basic granola

Try this recipe here.

Cook’s note: Free of wheat, dairy, eggs and cane sugar, this carb-friendly granola is made with agave syrup but you can replace it in equal quantities with maple syrup or honey, if you prefer. Feel free to experiment with your own mix of nuts and seeds to make up the 250 g required for this recipe.

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