• No joke cured yolk

    In Cape Town, they're starring alongside beef carpaccio. In New York, chefs use them to season their post-shift meals. In Singapore, they're going into cocktails. And yes, cured yolks have their own hashtag. Now you know.

  • 1 wheel of cheese, 3 ways

    It could be a starter, it could be dessert... a whole ripe Camembert can be anything you want it to be, as long as you take it out of the fridge a few hours before serving

  • 6 salty staples for Asian cooking

    When cooking Asian, step away from that box of Maldon. Intensely salty ingredients such as fish sauce, miso, shrimp paste and soya sauce are used as seasoning and to add depth of flavour.

  • Stock

    A stock is a flavoured liquid base for making a sauce, stew or braised dish. Made by simmering beef, chicken or fish with vegetables, aromatic ingredients and water.Vegetable stock is made exclusively with vegetables such as leeks, car…