• Scald

    Scald means to heat a liquid, usually a dairy product, in a saucepan until it almost boils. It used to be an essential step in breadmaking, since heating would disable or denature some proteins in milk that interfered with yeast fermentatio…

  • Sesame oil

    Pressed from sesame seeds, sesame oil is seen as a finishing rather than a cooking oil and is perfect for use in stirfries and in Asian sauces. It has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.KNOW YOUR OILS: Canola oi…

  • Shimeji mushrooms

    Very bitter when raw, shimeji mushrooms are ideal for cooking and develop a firm texture and a nutty, strong umami flavour that's delicious in soups, stews and sauces.

  • Peanut oil

    Derived from peanut kernels, peanut oil is suitable for stir-frying, sautéing, salad dressings and sauces. It helps to lower cholesterol and protects against heart disease, cancer, nerve disease and viral infections.KNOW YOUR OI…

  • Passata

    Passata is a sieved tomato mixture, traditionally used as a base for Italian tomato sauces. Often quite chunky in texture, passata adds an intense flavour to dishes. If you substitute the sauce with canned tomato paste, do so only in small …

  • Milanaise, sauce

    A French small sauce  derived from a demi-glace flavoured with tomatoes and garlic and garnished with mushrooms. (See also Small sauces and Demi-glace)

  • Mirepoix

    A mixture of diced vegetables - usually onion, leek, carrot and celery - and sometimes bacon and herbs. It's sautéed in butter and is the basis of many sauces, soups and stews. It's often used as a foundation for braising meat, poult…

  • Mornay, sauce

    A French small sauce derived from a Béchamel sauce with added grated cheese served traditionally with fish, shell fish, vegetables and chicken. (See also Small sauces and Bechamel)

  • Mafaldine

    Mafaldine is pasta. Similar to the waves of lace that give the finishing touch to a queen's precious gown, Mafaldine belongs to a veritably "regal" shape of pasta, since the Mafaldine were dedicated by Neapolitan people to Princes…

  • Maltaise, sauce

    A small sauce derived from Hollandaise blended with orange juice and orange zest . (See also Small sauces and Hollandaise)

  • Mascarpone

    Mascarpone is a delectable cream cheese with a velvety consistency, and is available at Woolworths. It's ideal in pasta sauces, or served with fresh fruit.Use it to make our Kahlua-drenched tiramisu topped with delicate choco…

  • Liaison

    An egg yolk and cream mixture used to thicken and enrich sauces like veloutes.

  • Hollandaise

    Hollandaise sauce is a classic French emulsion ands one of the five sauces in French haute cusine's mother sauce repertoire.It is so named because it was believed to have mimicked a Dutch sauce created when the King of t…

  • Instant flour

    Flour that dissolves quickly in liquids, resulting in a smooth, lump-free consistency. Used as a thickener in sauces, gravies or custards and similar to Maizena.

  • Fumet

    Fumet is a stock of fish or vegetables (usually mushrooms) reduced until highly concentrated. The resultant strong-flavoured cooking liquor is then used for flavouring sauces. Fond is the French term for concentrate…

  • Glace de viande

    French for "meat glaze" and made by boiling meat juices until they are reduced to a thick syrup used to add flavour and colour to sauces.

  • Espagnole sauce

    Espagnole sauce is a rich, brown sauce of meat, vegetables, and seasoning. It's known as a mother sauce, which means it forms the bases of many other, more elaborate sauces.

  • Emulsion

    A uniform mixture of two unmixable liquids, most often water and oil, by the process of emulsification and the use of an emulsifier. (See Emulsifier) Hollandaise, Bearnaise and Beurre Blanc are just a few of many emulsified sauces.